Chapter: 2

Baki woke up suddenly.
Surrounding her was the dark waters of the ocean.

Sounds of clicking and squeals came from high above. She shook herself and dug out of the sand, her tentacles feeling the water for vibrations. "Click, click, click, scree," a large creature sounded in the water. Baki's red eyes slowly opened. She couldn't see. However, she could feel and hear something nearby. "Ah, ah, ah haha!" The sounds reminded Baki of laughter. She tentatively swam upwards, using her four nubby pseudopods like flippers. She could see light above her and bodies moving in circles. There were hundreds of tiny little fish and three larger masses swimming around them. They cackled and cackled. "There's fish, hey guys, there's fish!" one spoke. "Oh, fish?" One slowed down, tilting its body to get a look at the other. "Hey guys! Fish! Fish!" their voices squeaked. "What is that?" a dolphin asked, having spotted Baki. The other two were preoccupied with the fish and didn't turn to look.

Baki slowly approached them. Her eyes were rounded now and her pupils small. "Danger!" The one dolphin yelled. The other two froze and quickly scanned their surroundings, looking for the threat. Baki made her move. "Danger," Baki mimicked the dolphin's sound. A harpoon-like pseudopod shot off her chest and slammed into one of the startled dolphins, causing the fish to disperse in all directions. The dolphin let out a horrid cry that Baki mimicked as she approached it. The dolphin twisted and turned in agony, blood seeping into the water. "Help me! Somebody fuckin help me! Click. Click. Aaaaah!" it cried in its squeaky speech. Once Baki was close enough, she sunk her teeth into one of its flippers, ripping the whole flipper off and consuming it. "Ah!" the dolphin squeaked in a short cry as it died.

By now the two other dolphins had fled along with the fish, but now a new group of sharp-toothed creatures appeared. Baki swiveled her "head" around to see them, the fresh blood in the water leaving a strong scent that would attract bigger, stronger opponents. She had enough sustenance to keep moving, so she unhooked herself from the dolphin and moved on.

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