Chapter: 1

"Mother!", a beanie exclaimed.

The little one had let out a screech as she was pulled from her mother's arms and pushed into the open ocean. A blue glow sparkled from the dark as a menacing ocean and forest dyno peered out from the den that had once belong to the Lunar Colony. It was Zeus, looking for the source of the scream. The sound had reverberated along the walls making it hard to pinpoint the origin. "Child," he sang mockingly. "Where are you~? You aren't hiding from me, are you?"

Baki sunk into the bottomless pit below, her eyes shut tight and her black limbs covering her face, trying to hide in the dark of the water. She could hear Zeus swimming just above her, his staticky voice beckoning, though she would not go to him. Soon, the light of the older dyno faded and Baki felt a soft thump as a blanket of silt lifted around her. She rolled over and dug into the seabed. Just moments before, she had been resting beside her mother listening to her soft words. Red bubbly liquid ran from Baki's eyes, her body glowing a vibrant red which pulsated each time the memory replayed itself.

Out of the dark came a worried faced dyno. His body was so long that it stretched out of sight. "Why do you cry?" the dyno asked. The sight of his blue eyes had Baki pushing herself deeper into the sand. The young dyno appeared to be hurt by this. "Oh. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you, Lumu stammered. His limbs seemed to drift in the water. He waited for a response but didn't get one. Well...when you want to, my colony is up on the land. My father sent me down here to get materials to make- oh- well I guess I shouldn't be telling you-" He swam up into the water above. "Take care!"

Baki watched with round eyes as the other dyno swam away. He didn't sound like the one who had chased her, but his eyes were so similar. She let out a silent sigh and curled up beneath the sand, closing her eyes. Her nucleus was strained, and her insides were in knots, something only a deep sleep could cure.

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