Chapter: 3

Baki hoisted herself up onto her little pseudopods. Her tentacles curled, and her body arched over. She swayed a tail-like pseudopod behind her where she had stashed the dolphin meat for digestion.

A stick jabbed her in the face, which caused her to flinch. Two fleshy creatures stood staring at her with wide eyes. She'd come to know these creatures as humans later in life, but with her current knowledge, they resembled dolphins, but with longer, sharper limbs.

Baki's membrane, which was her body, spiked up with nubby sharp ends. She edged away defensively, baring her teeth in a smile. The humans seemed to back away from her. She took this moment to bound up the coast. Quickly she learned the ground was much harsher than that of the silt and water she was accustomed to. Tears bubbled up in her eyes, but her mind was more so focused on survival and getting out of the elements.

A large shape moved overhead, and she pressed herself against the ground, feeling a static field coming from the shape above. It was another dynocation! Their shape was bird-like, though it also was like the fleshy creatures from earlier. She pursued them, coming up to a rocky outcropping where she nearly toppled over. The forest seemed to end abruptly, and where it stopped, the prairie lands began. Baki could see across the field where little brown dots with large horns and muscular bodies roamed. The yellow reeds flowed around them like a grassy ocean. They were big bison, and well kept.

The dynocation from before landed in the field, their wing-like pseudopods extending outward, and their head held high. They seemed to shimmer in the sunlight. They gripped something in their hands. The bison shifted their attention to the dyno, with one of the bison groups lagging behind. Baki was now distracted by them, feeling a craving for a new meal. The dolphin she had eaten earlier had been quickly used up, and she needed more to consume. She slid down the rocky cliff, slowly approaching the bison group. Unbeknownst to her, the mysterious dyno watched, aware of her presence. Baki leapt from a large rock and onto the back of one of the bison while letting out a staticky screech. The bison, now spooked, took off running in all directions. Baki's red flashing body created quite the intimidating sight for the simple-minded beasts. She viciously went for the bison's throat. The other dyno approached slowly as Baki slid onto the neck of her victim, a chunk of its throat in her mouth, and her back to the ground. The bison slumped to the ground with a heavy thump. The feeling of electricity heightened, and she quickly scrambled to her feet. The older dyno grabbed the small Baki and lifted her up, examining her. Up close now, she could get a better look at the stranger. His eyes were a golden color and his body a mix between an ocean and sulfur dyno. He honestly looked quite beautiful in Baki's eyes; his body resembled that of a living flame. This dyno, named Apollo, tilted the beanie around in his hands. Baki let out a few quiet giggles, finding the movements fun and welcoming. He could tell just by looking at Baki that she wasn't much older than a few days, and he also could pull more information from her coloration and texture. This beanie was vaguely related to him, he could tell by the feel of her membrane, but her coloration suggested a cousin of sorts or a half-sibling. "Hm." He looked down at the dead bison and then to the blood- soaked Baki. "You need to pay me back for killing one of my livestock," Apollo spoke with a calm, but stern tone of voice.

"Live-livestock?" Baki asked in an ancient form of echotion. "They are dead-stock."

Apollo smiled briefly, which frightened Baki. His teeth were huge and jagged, and he could probably eat her if he wanted to, but then Apollo relievingly chuckled in a light tone and shook his head.
"You're not from around here, are you..."

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