Chapter: 4

Time had passed, Baki being lead by Apollo through the great priare lands. The wind rattled the reeds with a roaring sound. Baki rotated her head a full turn, taking in the view. She watched as streams of reflective yellow vegetation flowed above her. She could barely make out Apollo form above it all. Vibrations carried in the wind, voices, elegant song-like voices. The sound of which had Baki wondering where they were going. She let out a exhausted sigh, the walk had made her weery. The reeds opened up to a emerald field of grasses a huge temple built of marble upon a hill at the center. Baki swished her tail, and moved forward as the building called to her. All along the field she could see ghostly images of what use to be. It was bizarre. "Hey, Apollo! Look!" Baki ran astray toward the willowisps. "Stop!", Apollo spoke with a booming voice. His red robe fluttered in the wind. "We must make hast. The king will need to know of your presence. Come. There's no time for play."

Author: Baki [Admin]
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