What Are Dynocation?

Dynocation are a eusocial species of amoeba.

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Your Dynocation's Genetics

Below is a descriptor of your dyno depending on options selected!

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Only ocean and ice update with new primary genetic descriptions.
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Ocean Dyno

Ocean dynocation have a white opaque membranous body that can produce bioluminescence. The bioluminescence matches their eye color. They typically have large claw like pseudopods and can have up to six or more of them along the 'body'.

Dominate Behavior:
Emotional, intelligent, and motherly. These dynocation are some of the most caring, and very tricky to deal with.

These dynocation have anatomically adapted to living at the bottom of the ocean. Their white bodies make them nearly invisible in the deep depths. The dark enviroment meant bioluminescence was needed to communicate emotion, which is seen within this race of dynocation.

Ocean dynocation typically speak echotion. The leaders are called 'mothers', the heirs are called 'princes', the workers called 'offspring'. Have strict colony rules.