Heaven Colony

High up in the mountains is an ancient colony where the king of the dynos lives.

Sprite Rank Name Colors Age
King Yhwh Ocean/Mountain Elderly
Prince Satan/Luci Corrupted Adult
Angel Sedel Ocean/Mountain Adult
Angel Strudel Ocean/Mountain Adult

Circus Colony

A colony within a circus but
but secretly it's mostly underground.

Sprite Rank Name Colors Age
Mother Baki Ocean/Ice Elderly
Prince Jopi Ocean/Ice Bepper
Clown Hexel Ocean/Ice Adult
Clown Rivelet Ocean/Ice Elderly
Clown Buppet Ocean/Ice Adult

Greek Colony

A past colony that use to rule over most the world,
till heaven colony took over.

Sprite Rank Name Colors Age
King Zeus Ocean/Forest Adult
Leader Hera Ocean/Ancient Elderly
Prince Athena Ancient/Forest Adult
Prince Apollo Ocean/Sulfur Adult


Dynocation who are violent and aggressive,
they're also degrading physically.

Sprite Rank Name Colors Age
Demon Satan/Luci Corrupt Adult
Demon Vortyx Corrupt Adult
Demon Starit Corrupt Bepper


Dynocation without colonies.

Family Name Colors Age
Norse Jormungandr Ocean/Ice Elderly
Titan Prometheus Lake/Ocean Dead
Egyptian Bastet Ocean/Mountain Dead


Colonies that are too small to make a category
on or something else.

Rank Name Colors Age